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YTO TS120N crawler bulldozer, 3m3 bulldozer,4.8T bulldozer
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Main Feature:
1 use the British Ricardo joint-venture diesel engine, with advantages of low noise, large torque.

2 main clutch: choose dry, multiple structure, often combined with the main clutch, it is big torque reserve,work reliable.

3 transmission: transmission of 4F+2R machinery shift gearbox, simple operation, easy to repair, reliable.

4 the steering clutch is dry, multiple steering clutch, hydraulic power assist operate, easy maintenance, convenient manipulation.

5 Drive:by two, straight teeth, modulus gear transmission, has a strong bearing capacity, high reliability

6: Work device:direct-pouring shovel, environmental shovel, angle and Ripper and other devices available.
Model Unit T120N
Total weight kg 13000
Max towing force KN 115
Engine model   LR4A3Z-20
Engine rated power/speed kw/r/min 93/2000
Fuel consumption of engine g/km.h ≤246
Engine max torque N.m 526
Forward travel speed km/h Forward-gear2.4-10.6
Backward travel speed km/h Reverse-gear3.9-7.1
Track board width mm 500
Land pressure kpa 51
Overall L*W*H mm 4535*3147*2900
Dozer W*H mm 3147*957
Blade max lifting height mm 955
Blade max digging depth mm 380
Twing equipment/scarifier(optional) / fixed/three-teeth
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