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Roader5502THB 60B
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main features
1:   5-section RZ-shaped boom, with wide placing range and no dead angle;
2:   X-shaped outrigger with fast expansion speed and one-side support function is suitable for construction at narrow worksite;
3:   Computer controlled energy saving technique achieves optimal match between engine power and pump load, saving 20% oil consumption on average;
4:   Pump displacement is up to 170m3/h (223 yd3/h), with stepless regulation which can meet requirements of different working conditions;
5:   Electrohydraulic coupling controlled boom vibration absorbing technique greatly prolongs service life of the boom;
6:   The original SYMC special controller contributes to much more stable operation of the system;
7:   The adoption of the anti-tilting control technology improves intelligent level of the pump and enhances its safety performance;
8:   Electrohydraulic buffer, differential pressure induction, open loop hydraulic system full-hydraulic directional control provides for small directional control impact and high reliability;
9:  Automatic retraction of concrete piston makes it easier to check or replace the piston;
10:  Automatic switch-over between high and low pressure improves pumping applicability;
11:  Functional parameters are displayed by color graphics dynamically, fault type is prompted, multiple automatic protections are provided.
Length 15420mm(50'7")
Width 2500mm(8'2")
Height 3980mm(13'1")
Dead weight 51600kg(113757 lbs)
Roader5502THB 60B
60M Concrete Pump Truck, Volvo engine
main features
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