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The British technology-based engine has a low specific fuel consumption. The main driver’s cabin is protruding forward, providing a wide vision. The driver’s cabin has an automobile-type design which is comfortable to ride in. The king-sized water tank radiator is favorable for long-time harvesting operations. The new kind of cleaning mechanism guarantees high cleanliness of the seeds. The composite instruments and multipurpose warning system are strong in their operationality. The enlarged grain unloading port reduces the supporting grain unloading time, thus enhancing the operational efficiency. The combine harvester can also mount a substitute mechanism specifically used for harvesting corn.
Swath mm 2360
Feed Rate kg/s 2.5
Total loss ratio % Wheat≤1.5;Rice≤3.0
Fragment coefficient % ≤2.0
Total mass kg 4300
Impurity ratio % ≤2.0
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 6123×2927×3200
Engine power kw 58
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